KARACHI (APP) Ambassador of Netherlands, Foast Reintjes on Thursday said that Dutch companies are interested in investing in Balochistan through joint ventures with Pakistani and other foreign companies working there. Dutch companies were already making good profits in Pakistan. However, the security was a main concern for foreign companies interested to work in Balochistan, he said. In an interactive session with businessmen and politicians from Balochistan under the umbrella of Balochistan Economic Forum, here the Dutch Ambassador said that his country had financed more than 300 schools in various areas of Balochistan including Mastung and Chaghai and wants to do more towards social and economic uplift. He said the government and private sector of Balochistan could benefit from Dutch Public Infrastructure Development Programme. He urged for promotion of economic diplomacy between the two countries. Business should be the key to our bilateral relations, he remarked. Prominent among the participants were President Balochistan Economic Forum Sardar Shoukat A.K. Popalzai, former federal minister and businessman Prince Mohiuddin Baloch, leading businessman and a politician from Gwadar Ashraf Iqbal Baloch. The Ambassador was briefed that Balochistan needs expertise and technical support, knowledge completed with financing especially in agriculture , mining and mineral upgradation, water management, horticulture, livestock. Balochistan businessmen and politicians requested that Netherlands Government and the companies should take initiative by launching small projects in agriculture, livestock, mineral development and water management along with promotion of basic and quality education and skill development as the top item of the agenda for social and economic uplift of Balochistan. We would welcome even small investments and technical support, they emphasized. The Ambassador said we have already started the process. Dutch senior managers/experts in different fields could come to the Balochistan and conduct short trainings/courses for skill development of the common man engaged in agriculture, livestock etc. His countrys companies having modern machines were doing grading of fruits in different areas of the province for their exports. He assured that after gathering sufficient information about investment and trade opportunities available in Balochistan , Dutch Government and the companies would come up physically. But, he continued, this needs more interaction and calculated response from both the sides. Netherlands Honorary Consul General in Karachi, Tarek M. Khan confirmed that there were many potential investment opportunities available in Balochistan which need due exploitation. He assured maximum support for promoting investment from his Government and the private sector in Balochistan. President, Balochistan Economic Forum, Sardar Shoukat A.K.Popalzai said the forum was the best way to share trade and investment data with the business community not only in Balochistan but in other areas of the country. He said Balochistan has many attractions and incentives for the foreign investors. Chinese companies also were successfully working in different sectors there. The province needs healthcare and education especially the professional ones. We are going through transformation to political process from tribalism, he said.