President Asif Zardari need not sound as apologetic as on Thursday while telling a US Congressional delegation, which called on him at the Presidency, that the drone attacks should come to end. Simply saying so to delegations will not have an effect. The only real means of fighting force is to use your own, and the PAF has already said that it can take out the drones, so not only must any permissions given by this or previous governments be withdrawn, but also any drones still flying in the our skies must be shot down. Unless the USA is made aware that it will only have its UAVs shot down if it attacks sovereign Pakistani territory, it will not desist from a pattern of behaviour which brings little reward, but which carries no penalties. The argument of the drone attacks being counterproductive is still there. There is mounting evidence that those killed are ordinary Pakistani citizens, and the Al-Qaeda masterminds thus killed are few and far between. However, Americans do not seem to realize that such gratuitous violence merely creates more extremists, and the result is directly opposed to what the USA says it wants to achieve from the war on terror. Another issue which the President mentioned was that of the recent desecration of the Holy Quran, and he said that appropriate action should be taken against the Florida pastor, whom he called 'mentally sick. He should have made it clear that if the Rev Terry Jones was allowed to go free, Pakistan would take it that he was on the same side as the USA in its so-called war on terror. He should have highlighted his role in furthering the cause of the extremists. The President was right when he told the delegation that the UN and civilised nations needed to work out plans to promote cultural and religious harmony, and arrest the decline of sanity and rationality. However, he did not point out that this decline pre-dated 9/11 by many years, and was to be ascribed to the USAs backing of the illegitimate occupations of Kashmir and Palestine, and their illegitimate occupiers, respectively India and Israel. Without the USA rectifying its policies, there is no hope of its making the world safe for American citizens, the supposed goal of its war on terror. However, if the USA wishes to carry on a crusade, as then President George W. Bush let slip in an unguarded moment, then it needs people like Rev Jones to do its dirty work. Pakistan should realize that the USA has disparate and conflicting aims, including a blatant disregard for Pakistani lives, and there is no point in carrying on with an alliance that means the killing of Pakistani citizens with impunity.