LAHORE - In an obvious attempt to find a justification for creation of Forward Bloc in the Punjab Assembly, one of its prominent members, a wise man from Kasur, Sheikh Alauddin shocked his fellow legislators on Friday when he took floor from the Chair and tried to convince them that what he and other members of his group had done was justified because Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, had also retained dual membership of the Congress and Muslim League for quite some time. Earlier, he struggled hard to persuade Deputy Speaker Rana Mashhood Ahmad to give him the floor as he wanted to disclose some important historical facts before honourable members of the House. After he was allowed to speak, Alauddin said he would prove in two minutes that creation of a separate group in the Assembly was justified in the light of Quaid-e-Azams political conduct who kept dual membership of the All India Congress and the All India Muslim League for considerable period of time. Equating his act of joining the said political group with that of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, he challenged if any body proved him wrong, he along with his 47 companions would resign from the Assembly membership. Quoting political history of Pakistan, Sheikh told the House that the Quaid-e-Azam had joined the All India Muslim League in 1913, while he was already a member of the Indian Congress. He further said the Quaid had to seek special permission from President All India Muslim League, Sir Agha Khan, to join the party. He said party rules were amended at that time on the Quaids request to make provision for dual membership. He said the great leader kept on attending meetings of both the parties till he formally resigned from membership of the Congress in 1930. He invited all members of the House to join him in what he called an academic discussion on the subject. He said he had already discussed this point with PML-Qs Amna Ulfat, whom he called a well-read and a learned lady. Earlier, he asked the Chair to ensure presence of his former colleague on the floor as he wanted to speak his mind on the topic, ostensibly with her head nodding for him. He hoped that all learned members of the Assembly would endorse his stance. He said two noted professors of political science Dr Safdar Mahmood and Prof Sajjad Naseer could be consulted on the subject. Before he could conclude his speech, PML-Ns Rana Tajumal Hussain, apparently after failing to digest Sheikhs mantra, could not resist the temptation to intervene and snubbed the legislator from Kasur. He rejected Sheikhs plea, saying it was unfair that a turncoat was trying to justify his wrong act by equating himself with the Quaid-e-Azam. The opposition members also expressed disapproval, and called him a Lota prior to moving out of the floor in protest. In the meantime, Seemal Kamran of PML-Q pointed out quorum, but Rana Mashhood adjourned the House for Monday pretending as if he had not listened to Seemal. It was strange to see a legislator drawing parallel between two different happenings in our political history to justify creation of the Forward Bloc. The Quaid-e-Azam was a renowned legal expert, and did not join the Muslim League till a provision in the party rules was made for dual membership. Sheikh Alauddin himself pointed this out in his speech. One must also remind Sheikh Alauddin that formation of a dissident group within a political party was against existing law of the land whose defection clause is self-explanatory. It was, no doubt, a glaring act on his part to choose personality like the Quaid to validate his illegal act of changing loyalties.