ISLAMABAD (APP) - President Asif Ali Zardari has said the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), that came into power through political strength, power of votes and the support of masses, will sit in opposition if it loses the masses support. We will remain in power until we have the support of masses,... until we have political strength and force,.. until we have power of votes. It is our right, he remarked while addressing a function on Pakistan Sweet Home, organised by Pakistan Baitul Maal here at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Friday. The President said, If the PPP loses the elections it will sit in opposition and that he himself would lead the opposition. We never loved these walls...,PPP never let the power to become its need..., never thought to be a ruling party, Zardari remarked, adding, the people voted for the PPP in the name of Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and due to the sacrifices of its leaders and workers. The President also mentioned the sacrifices of PPP workers, who faced various difficulties and were even whipped during the dictatorial rule of General Ziaul Haq. President Zardari recalled that Mohtarma Benazir led a 17-member opposition after the 1996 general elections, adding, it was her vision about the importance of parliament and democracy, which needed to be followed by all political forces. He said strengthening parliament and democracy was vital for strengthening the countrys institutions, adding, if the PPP would have boycotted the 2008 elections after the assassination of Benazir, it could have weakened the institutions. The president vowed to serve the masses and said it was the duty of political leadership to serve the country and the nation and strengthen the institutions.