LAHORE - PML-Q Chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said that he is ready to invite PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif for the unification of various factions of Muslim League if the PML-N leader expresses willingness to accept his invitation. He stated this while talking to the media alongwith Marvi Memon, party leader from Sindh at his residence on Friday. Shujaat also said that PML-Q option for forging an alliance with other political parties was open to all. He and Marvi Memon on this occasion while strongly condemning the desecration of Holy Quran at the hands of two pastors in Florida said that this highly gruesome incident took place in a country of champions of human rights and it is a conspiracy against the Muslim Ummah. Shujaat and Marvi said that lady health workers were staging protests for the last two years, however, the government was baton-charging and registering cases against them instead of addressing their rightful demands. They demanded that the demands of the lady health workers should be accepted immediately besides withdrawing cases against them. Both the leaders maintained that ruling parties at Centre and Punjab were working to serve their personal interests instead of resolving the real issues of the masses. Meanwhile, leaders and workers of PML-Q held Quran Khawani and Dua for the health and honourable acquittal of Moonis Elahi from the charges against him in NICL scam at Muslim League House.