KARACHI - Sindh Chamber of Agriculture on Friday condemned the imposition of tax and withdrawal of subsidy on agriculture farm inputs and engineering goods through imposition of ordinance. The growers representative body while expressing concern over subsidy withdrawal said that it will directly hit the cost of production of crop due to rising costs of farm inputs. A meeting of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture presided by its president Dr Nadeem Qamar, who is younger brother of Federal Minister for Water and Power Naveed Qamar, also demanded of the federal government to review the decision of imposition of tax and withdrawal of subsidy. Sindh Chambers of Agriculture pointed out that the imposition of tax almost on all farm inputs including hybrid seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, tractors, plant machinery, equipments, implements, parts and accessories of machinery and equipments, other agro-chemicals etc which are essentially required for improvement of agriculture and boost the yield of crops, will put financial burden of over Rs 200 billion or even more on farming community in addition to tax on agricultural inputs will increase the cost of production of crops, besides the prices of all the agricultural commodities will increase tremendously. Common man (the consumer) especially the poor will be having tougher time to meet their requirements for essential food items to survive, Dr Nadeem Qamar said. Opposing the withdrawal of subsidy, he said that farm machinery plays vital role in land preparation, sowing, inter-culturing, spraying, harvesting, threshing, transportation of seeds and crop output from field to stores and mills, so any negligence or improper field operation surely will result in poor yields. The first and foremost factor is land preparation which is required to be done through machinery. If the soil is not properly prepared and pulverised, the seed germination, crop growth and yields will badly be affected. The post harvest losses of crops are recorded as high as 20pc, which can be minimised with the use of machinery like harvesters and threshers. For high crop yields and quality, the use of machinery is unavoidable. Similarly, the other important and essential inputs are seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides etc. each of these inputs has vital role on yield and quality of crops. Sindh Chamber of Agriculture referred the increase in prices of these essential inputs as detrimental for agriculture sector and will create an alarming scenario. Either the farmer will use the inputs below the required quantity or substandard quality materials will be used as to minimize the expenditures because most of the farmers could not manage the required amounts and those who will manage or arrange the inputs will not be in a position to be compensated because of the increased cost of production, he added.