The incidents of street crime are on the rise in Garden West area of Karachi. Hardly a day goes by when such incidents are not taking place there. Most of such cases are taking place after the sunset for in most of the streets of Garden West, street lights are not functioning and the robbers taking advantage of such darkness, snatch at gunpoint all the valuables such as mobile phones, cash etc. from the persons who either try to enter their houses after their duties or come out of the same for getting necessary daily use items such as milk, vegetable, bread, beef, chicken, etc. Just two days before, robbers, taking advantage of complete darkness in the street, snatched a very costly mobile phone (Rs.20,000) and cash of Rs. 8000 from my next door neighbour at gunpoint at around 8:00 pm when he was trying to enter the main gate of his apartment. I would request the TPO of Sadder town to seriously look into these incidents of snatching of valuables in his area and direct SHO of Garden Police Station to have a constant patrolling of police mobile in all the streets of Garden where street lights have failed to perform. Besides this, I would also request to the authorities of City District Government, Karachi, for restoring all the failed street lights of Garden (especially of Garden West) so that the incidents of snatching of valuables can be minimized accordingly. ABDUL SAMAD SAMO, Karachi, March 25.