This is flabbergasting to know from the mouth of Interpol Chief Ronald Noble that a terrorist has been arrested who was involved in a plot to carry out an attack during the World Cup, yet it is not a big surprise given the already prevailing terror environment in the South Asia region. But to the very surprise of the world in particular is the possible involvement of Hindu extremist groups, whose head, Bal Thackeray, has already threatened that for 12 Pakistan Cricket team players the 120 million Indians will tear them apart. Everybody knows that the parrot that had predicted Indian teams defeat at the hands of Pakistan Cricket team has already been killed. Now, the Hindu extremists have threatened to kill Indias mythical Dada Hathi (the old elephant) that reportedly had predicted Pakistans win. The Hindutwa activists Col Prohit and others, as the Swami Aseemanand confessed, were the perpetrators of the Lahore-bound Samjhota Express bombing, and with the US national, David Headleys confessions during the interrogation, the clues lead to believe that in the Mumbai terror incident, Hindu extremists were involved, because the Hemnat Karkares murder right after the Mumbai attacks drama, are well exposed in the Indian polices former boss, Mr Moshrafs best-selling book Who Killed Karkare? Already the win of Pakistan team in the quarterfinal and entry into semi final has sent a shockwave and aroused fears amongst the Pakistani people that the Hindu extremists would try to terrorize the Pakistani team players, who have already reached the Indian city of Mohali where the semi-final will be played. Another interesting aspect is noteworthy that, according to reports in the media, the Indians have hired a number of India and Bengals top magicians, spill-casters, monks and yogis, to spill-cast on each of the Pakistani players for which the magicians have reportedly made their effigies (putlas) and the mantars (magic) are being read over it using the needles to symbolically-remotely pierce into the vital parts of the players. A similar attempt was made by the Sri Lankan side at Colombo when they called in their top religious leader to spill-cast over the wicket crease and remotely paralyze the players of the opposite side. But it is certainly a great thing on part of the Pakistani players that while commenting on TV they give the first credit and pay thanks to Allah Almighty and then go ahead with about their own performance. The men of faith can lose but never be defeated. Pakistanis must not go into superstitions, have trust in Allah and come back triumphant. The terror threats, Bal Thackreys scheme and Hindu extremists designs cannot work against the will and determination of Pakistan Cricket team. ALYA ALVI, Rawalpindi, March 25.