ISLAMABAD - A weeklong trilateral joint military exercise among the forces of Turkey-Afghanistan-Pakistan commenced in Tuzla, Turkey. According to an ISPR press release issued here on Friday, the three countries decided to hold joint exercises at the conclusion of the 5th Trilateral Summit in December 2010. The joint Exercise involves military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) against terrorists. The events include basic and battle order training, MOUT demonstration by the Turkish army, combat order, training controls, fighting in built up and handmade explosives training sessions. Specialist teams of three countries comprising snipers and anti-tank detachments are undergoing this exercise. The purpose of this training is to share military knowledge, reinforce and maintain coordination among the three countries. It is pertinent to mention here that this is the first time that a trilateral exercise among the three countries is being conducted on the Turkish soil. It will play a pivotal role in cementing close military ties between the countries in the realm of combating the menace of terrorism and extremism being spearheaded by the inimical forces.