Libya is in the news these days for all the wrong reasons. Its erstwhile leader annihilating its own dissenting populace through brute military force and the US leading coalition forces adding to its woes by attacking its civil and military installations in flagrance of all UN resolutions is shameful. Though self-installed Col. Qaddafi is no angel, foreign intervention is still not justified. For the information of Mr. Mohammad Khan Sial, Qaddafi was nowhere on the Libyan scene during the 1965 Indo-Pak war, when he must have been a very junior officer in the country's armed forces. He took over the reigns of power in 1969 when he was just a lieutenant. He promoted himself as a colonel straightaway following the footsteps of his idol, President Gamal Abdul Nasir of Egypt, who was also a colonel. He has been a tyrant, hated by his own people, surviving as the head of the state for over four decades through sheer police brutalities and extensive oil revenues. Having worked with the Ministry of Health in Benghazi I have seen him rule the country in a dreadful manner. DR. SHAHID QAYYUM, Lahore, March 25.