KARACHI - A massive quantity of wheat is feared to be spoiled this year as the Sindh government is still undecided how to procure wheat without arranging packing material. The Sindh government is expecting a bumper wheat crop estimated to be around 4.00 million tones but due to the delay in decision by the govt in procuring jute bags caused by the imposition of 17pc General Sales Tax and 2.5pc Special Excise Duty on jute bags, huge piles of wheat seems to be ruined this year. Sources told this scribe that the jute mills locked their prices in tenders when there was no ST/SED on jute bags but now due to the government policy, 19.50 percent duty has been imposed on the commodity, should be paid by the government itself. The Sindh govt had floated tender for the purchase of Bardana and confirmed quantity of 10.200 million jute bags for the packing of wheat but on account of change in tax rate on March 15, through the executive orders, supplier has requested the Food department to review the prices as the same has been agreed on the basis of zero percent tax applicable at that time, sources said. According to sources, jute bags are ready for dispatches but the government has not taken any view on it all because neither it accepting upward revision in prices nor devising any strategy how to carry out its wheat procurement operation and facilitate growers interests. Sudden withdrawal of zero percent ST and SED reveals that there was no brain storming by the government officials before taking the decision and now it is hurdling government itself to carry out its operation. Government can solve this issue itself by exempting the commodity from this new and unjustified 19.50 percent taxes, they suggested. Growers are urging to the government to make hurry in procurement of jute bags to pack wheat which is lying in open exposed to sun light and other factors which can destroy the quality of expensive wheat worth billion of rupees. The government has recently itself imposed 17 percent Sales Tax and 2.5 percent Special Excise duty on jute products which was previously zero rated.