LAHORE - Speakers at a seminar have said that status of industry to home-based women workers is the only solution to end their exploitation, while the media should play a proactive role to highlight the issues of the said workers. They also stressed the need for an effective role of labour department to implement the labour laws in the formal sector and also tighten their seatbelts to play their role for the informal workers sectors that include home-based women workers when the same get benefits under labour laws. Justice (r) Fakhrun Nisa Khokhar, Mehnaz Rafi, Dr Qais Aslam, Prof of Economics, University of Central Punjab, Aum-e-Laila Azhar, executive director, home network Pakistan, Aima Mehmood, executive director working women organisation and Irfan Mufti, director SAP Pakistan made these proposals while taking part in a debate titled 'Problems Being Faced by Home-Based Women Workers-Media Responsibilities held under the auspices of HNPIP on Friday. Justice (r) Fakhrun Nisa appealed the womenfolk working in the home-based networks and other places to get united for injustices against them, as it was the only way to get their due rights as working women. She proposed to the civil society organisations as well as women organisations to get the rights of the women working in formal and informal sectors according to the labour laws to come up with a joint proposal to implement or amending the existing laws in this regard. Former justice said at least some issues of the home-based women workers could be addressed under the existing labour laws if this sector would be declared as an industry. Mehnaz Rafi while saying that our rulers were more than ready to follow the dictates of international powers and donor agencies proposed the ruling elite to employ home made policies in order to put the country on the road to progress of which the women were not only a part but also playing their vital role for the development of the country. She said, The forces, which opposed the creation of Pakistan are against the role of women in national development and push the women behind in the name of honour. Former member parliament said, Recognition of women workers efforts is vital to put the country on the road to real progress, besides giving them respect. She said that Quaid-i-Azam once stated that women were powerful than pen and sword and women should get united under a single umbrella for protecting their rights. Dr Qais Aslam said, We have failed to implement minimum wage in the formal sector. How could implement the same in the informal sector. He proposed that perks and privileges of the labour department should be made performance based in order to get results from the department, which otherwise doing nothing. Aum-e-Laila Azhar said they had proposed the government to do legislation for the home-based women workers in order to strengthen the countrys economy in real manner, as well as registering the stated workers with the labour department according to the universal plans after bringing legislation made for them. Aima Mehmood said, Political will is needed to ensure the rights of all workers whether in formal or informal sector especially the home-based women working. Coming hard on the labour department, she claimed that labour department was doing nothing, while the Punjab government was also a party for doing injustices to the working classes and making all efforts to cease some of the remaining benefits of the workers. Irfan Mufti proposed the government to make the home-based working women part of the countrys industry, as they were contributing Rs 40 billion in the national economy annually and giving them their rights under labour laws would bring a real boost in the national economy. He also proposed the government to act as guarantors to ensuring the labour rights of the local workers in the case of multi-national organizations operations in the country, as the stated groups establishing their networks in the third world by getting cheap labour and denying the worker of their rights.