TANK - Unidentified armed persons kidnapped three persons belonging to Bhittani tribe including son of a former peace committee member, police sources said on Sunday.

According to Cantonment Police Station, 14 to 15 people armed with latest weapons attacked the house of Ghulam Ali, resident of Kiri Saidal, a village about seven kilomtres away from Tank. The police while quoting an FIR by Abdul Ghanni, son of Ghulam Ali, said over a dozen armed persons who were wearing masks attacked the house in the early hours of Sunday, adding that the inmates retaliated to them. The crossfire left Abdul Ghanni injured, police added.  The armed persons after storming through the main entrance of house started plundering. They took away his elder brother Mukhtar on gunpoint.

According to police, Abdul Ghanni was injured in the firing and was admitted to the THQ hospital Tank.

It is worth mentioning that Ghulam Ali has been an active member of the then pro-government Turkistan militant group, which played a considerable role in eliminating the Taliban influence. The night of attack he was not present.

These days the Turkistan as well as Qari Zainuddin militant groups, which have been wrapped up a year ago are facing tough time.

Meanwhile it is immediately after the incident, the said armed people according to local sources captured Gul Muhammad and another Abdul Wahab on gun point  when they were watering their fields in Naimat Khel, village close to Saidal Kiri. However, police said they did not know about this incident. They started investigation into the first incident.