LAHORE – CIA DSP Waris Bharwana apologized to Excise and Taxation (E&T) Inspector Waheed at his office while the E&T staff resumed working at office after couple of days strike, said an officer on Monday.

DSP had tortured the E&T inspector when he stopped DSP’s son near Babu Sabu interchange to check his car. DSP’s son was riding a vehicle with official number plate when inspector stopped him and asked justification of official number plate and then token tax.  DSP’s son argued that he was DSP son and he was entitled to use official number plate to his private car.

After brief argument he called his father Waris Bharwana and put the story in his notice. DSP rushed to the spot along with his constables and started torturing the E&T inspector. Waheed put the matter before senior officers who further contacted senior police officers and requested them to register a case against DSP. Secretary Excise talked to police IG to intervene and take action against DSP. IG assigned inquiry to SSP Tariq Qureshi who on Friday summoned the E&T officers Waheed and Nazir Bhatti while CIA DSP did not join inquiry.

He informed the inquiry officer that he was no in Lahore for his personal reasons and after three days he would be able to join inquiry. On Monday, inquiry officer SSP Qureshi and DSP Waris Bharwana visited the E&T office and apologized to the inspector for his misbehave.

The E&T inspectors forgave him and resumed working at E&T office on Monday.