BAHAWALPUR - The Jamaat-e-Islami Punjab Ameer has condemned the removal of chapters relating to Islamic ideology and nationalism from the course of matriculation.

“The real face of our leaders has exposed through this shameful act. The leadership of the PPP and the PML-N has become slaves of the United States. People’s Party promoted corruption, fraud, extortion, inflation, loadshedding and favouritism during the last five years,” Dr Syed Wasim Akhtar told TheNation in an exclusive interview.

He demanded that the removed chapters from the syllabus of matriculation should be included in the syllabus again, saying that Pakistan was got in the name of Islam and there should be the system of Islam instead of English system which is being enforced in Pakistan by these leaders. For the last couple of years, attacks were made on the curriculum but the leaders remained quiet in this regard, he noted.

The JI Punjab Ameer said that the leaders of PPP and its allies in the last government were expressing happiness over the completion of five-year tenure whereas the last tenure was the darkest time in history of the whole world. Nation is suffering the so-called democracy, he said.

 “Inflation, unemployment and corruption are touching their peak. The national economy has been destabilised because of the everyday increase in the prices of petroleum products and loadshedding,” he said. He also regretted that a few families were ruling Pakistan. It was necessary that people should change their thinking and vote for right people, he said. “There is no department which is profitable in the country. Merit was exposed as the ruling parties’ workers were appointed on important posts in the last five years,” said the JI leader.

He said that if the 180 million people do not elect right leadership in the upcoming elections, these corrupt American slaves would once again come to power. He said that drone attacks were the question mark on the solidarity and independence of the country. The people in the upcoming elections should reject the politicians who had given the unannounced permission for drone attacks. He said that during the last five years, debts of the country had doubled and the economy is falling and the people are facing starvation.