KARACHI  - PML-Q chief Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain has said that he was not in contact with former President Pervez Musharraf.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday, Shujaat said politics of reconciliation would continue, but the PML-Q and PPP would contest against each other in Gujrat. The mandate of every party should be respected, he said, adding that nothing could be done if someone wanted to quit his party.

Separately, PML-Q leader Mushahid Hussain Syed said that his party has received applications for nine national and 38 provincial assembly seats in Sindh. Syed praised the political acumen of Shujaat Hussain, saying that he had predicted the nomination of Mir Hazar Khoso as the caretaker Prime Minister.

Musharraf had sparked mixed emotions throughout his tenure and his “homecoming” has generated a similar response. He arrived in Karachi with a promise to “save Pakistan” greeted by cheering supporters who see him as an agent of change.

His supporters and party followers said that Musharraf was the country’s last hope, because he had improved the education system and given many development programmes to the masses, especially the people of Karachi, during his time in power.

But many in the media were less taken. The former military ruler is not widely covered in editorial and opinion pages. Those who choose to comment in the mainstream or social media seem to feel that he will not make any significant impact on elections, scheduled for 11 May.

TV channels marked Musharraf’s arrival with wall-to-wall coverage but the news was soon eclipsed by the election commission’s announcement that former judge Mir Hazar Khan Khoso will become the country’s caretaker prime minister.

On the other side, the newspapers were covering the issue of petition against him over Lal Masjid incident and Bugti murder case. Moreover, several protest rallies were held in parts of Balochistan.

But still Musharraf hopes to regain influence so that his party can win seats in the general election scheduled for May 11, when he will face fierce competition, including from the man he ousted in a military takeover.

But with all these analysis his supporters and followers still want him to be in power and bring back the prosperity which he provided in his last regime.

Meanwhile,- taking drastic step to fill its empty coffer, Karachi police enhanced amount of fines on 52 different violations of traffic laws to manifolds.

Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Karachi, Abdul Khaliq Sheikh announced the increase in fines.

Fine on driving a vehicle without license has been increase from Rs300 to Rs1000, violation of traffic signal from Rs100 to Rs500, over-speeding from Rs50 to Rs400, having fake fitness certificate  from Rs400 to Rs2000.

Earlier, the police had cancelled the permits of vehicles with tinted glass, besides slapping ban on driving motor bikes with helmet coving face.