Nowadays, there seems to be a trend of holding seminars for the disabled. In addition, such people are invited at these occasions and are asked questions such as, “how do you feel about being disabled?” I, however, find this trend quite humiliating for the handicapped, most of whom have already been alienated by the society.

These seminars and workshops should be held to encourage them, raise them slowly up and raise them to equality. On the contrary, however, it seems that they are widening the gap between the disabled and able, instead of reducing it.

Further, it is important that the federal and provincial governments make efforts to built ramps in all big and small cities, as well as districts, to make it easier for them to move around. In the advanced countries, for instance, all the busses have ramps that slide out so that the wheelchair can easily climb it. We could at least have one bus per route for the disabled to move around the city.

Also, if possible, the government should distribute wheelchairs among the disabled individuals who cannot afford it. And more schools should be constructed for the blind and deaf children.

As a final word, just holding seminars and workshops with no positive outcome is just not enough..


Karachi, March 23.