OVERWEIGHT air travellers could find themselves paying over the odds in the near future.

Plans are being championed which would see passengers pay according to how much they - and their luggage - weigh. Norwegian aviation expert Dr Bharat P Bhatta’s ideas could also mean falling costs for slimmer travellers.

Dr Bhatta of the Sogn og Fjordane University College in Norway said: ‘As weight and space are far more important in aviation than other modes of transport, airlines should take this into account when pricing their tickets.’

Airline bosses are to consider three variations, including a scheme where air-users would be charged according to their weight along with their luggage. Another option would see passengers paying a base fare plus or minus an extra charge.

A third variant would see a standard fare for passengers within 25 per cent above or below a set weight limit, with a discount or surcharge depending on whether they are over or under that span. Dr Bhatta told The Journal of Revenue and Pricing Management he believes third option is most suitable.

Journal editor Dr Ian Yeoman said: ‘Every extra kilogram means more expensive jet fuel must be burned, which leads to CO2 emissions and financial cost. Maybe they should be looking to introduce scales at the check-in.’                           –Metro