NOORPUR THAL - The political activity in national assembly’s constituency NA-69 AND PP-39 and PP-40 Khushab is picking up day-by-day.

In NA-69 Khushab, mostly people cast their votes on the basis of dynasties. Here family influence counts a lot. In elections 2008, Sumira Malik got elected MNA, belongs to PML-Q.

IN NA-69, Sumira Malik, Malik Umar Aslam Awan (PTI), Malik Tanveer Sultan (Independent) and Amina Malik (PPP) have started their publicity campaign. Khushab district is a rural district located in Punjab. The district consists of 3 tehsils, Khushab, Noorpur Thal and Quaidabad, as well as a sub-tehsil Noshehra.

In NA-69 mostly voters are based on clans and brothery but in Khushab, Jauharabad city areas, there is vote bank of the PML-N. However, whatever happens, one thing is absolutely certain, in the constituency that the main contestants would be of the PML-N and the alliance.

In elections 2008, Malik Muhammad Javed Awan (PML-N) got elected from PP-39. Malik Javed Awan (PML-N), Malik Faisal Aziz (PTI), Malik and Amir Mukhtar Sangha (Independent) have started their publicity campaigns. Malik Karam Ilahi Bundial (Independent) got elected from PP-40, in elections 2008.

Malik Karam Ilahi Bundial (PML-N), Malik Hasan Nawaz Gunjial (Independent), Malik Muhammad Iqbal Utra (Independent), Malik Saleh Muhammad Gunjial (Independent) and Malik Ayub Tiwana (PTI) also have started their publicity campaigns. A tough competition between Malik Karam Ilahi and Malik Saleh Muhammad is expected.