KARACHI  - Mass media has played a vital role in empowerment of women, said Prof Shahida Kazi in his address at a seminar organized by the Newports Institute of Communications and Economics (NICE) in collaboration with library and literary committee of Karachi Gymkhana.

She recalled that in the past women were not in the field of journalism whereas now they are prominently seen in it. Mahtab Rahidi, Haseena Moeen, Seema Tahir, Fatema Hassan, Huma Bukhari and Khursheed Haider discussed the topic thoroughly and shared their observations and experiences. Press Media, NGO representatives, students and members of Gymkhana club (Karachi) attended in large number.

Prof Shahida Kazi who is the first lady reporter and news editor said it was very important to focus on the education of girls in villages and rural areas. Mahtab Rahshidi shared her own experience of how her father went against all odds to educate his four daughters and broke the traditions that said that female education should not be given any priority. She also emphasized that women should be given equal opportunity of working in higher posts and positions. Khursheed Haider defined Empowerment as the "Right of taking decisions". Seema Tahir and Haseena Moeen criticised  showing violence against women,they appreciated media for playing its role in making women well aware of their rights.

Rector Newports Institute Huma Bukhari said that the role of women from the UNO to the organizations of Pakistan can be well observed and it is all been possible due to the efforts of media highlights. Dr Fatima in her keynote addressed that today's topic is extremely important because the prominent effects of media are visible in every sphere of life. She hoped that the young generation will play a part in changing the way our society acts in discriminating genders. At the end of the seminar convener Gymkhana Club Saqib Naseem and Shakeel Aslam thanked the guests for their participation and the well discussed topic.