As if the consumers were not already under a backbreaking burden of an ever-rising electricity tariff, the Nepra now plans to shift another huge amount to the tune of Rs 28 billion to them that would tantamount to over 60 per cent increase. On the one hand, the Nepra is periodically raising power charges, on the other it has failed to end the prolonged hours of load-shedding. In some cases, people are made to suffer a 20-hour blackout but they continue to receive inflated bills. Why no-one is being held responsible for these anti-people moves is an enigma that must be solved.

There is no justification for penalising the poor consumer for the line losses and power theft others, influential persons, commit. It is a pity that successive regimes failed to tap indigenous resources by building dams like Kalabagh Dam declared by experts as a most viable project. Had this and other hydel generation sources been tapped there would hardly have been the need for independent power producers and rental power projects which resulted in billions of rupees of corruption. It would be in the fitness of things for the Nepra to nullify the increase to spare the people any more suffering.