RAWALPINDI  – Supply of filthy and brackish water has posed health hazards to the residents of Krishan Pura and Rehman Pura.

The residents of the area complained that filthy and contaminated water is being supplied by the WASA since the last two weeks which is injurious to health. The water is so muddy and polluted that it can neither be used for drinking purpose nor the faithful can perform wozoo. The germs are seen floating visibly on the surface of water and it can lead to eruption of some epidemic in the areas.

“We have been lodging complaints in writing with the WASA since the last several days but they are paying no heed towards this vital  problem”, said Akbar Ali a resident of Krishan pura.

“We are forced to purchase water tanker at the costly rates of Rs 800  to meet our requirements but in this age of inflation it is not possible to pay  high cost of the water tankers, said a group of residents of Rehman Pura.

They demanded immediate disconnection of filthy water supply besides ensuring supply of clean drinking water otherwise they will be forced to hold protest rallies.

Meanwhile, lack of filtration plant has posed health hazards to residents of Fazal Abad area. This is one of the most congested locality sprawling around Pir Widhai bus terminal and its population runs into thousands but its inmates are forced to drink contaminated water due to indifferent attitude of the civic authorities towards providing filtration plant to the area.

One or two members of every family settled in this area are suffering from chronic abdominal diseases due to supply of polluted water, said Hakim Khan, a shopkeeper. “We have to bring clean drinking water from far off areas by incurring additional expenses under petroleum head. As soon as we step in our homes on return from office we have to face the inquiring looks of our family members “ lunch could not be prepared due to want of clean water”. This comes as shocking to us and we have to return on the same feet to the remote localities to cater to our vital need, said Hafiz Muhammad, a government employee. The residents demanded of the government to provide water filtration plant facility on war footing basis to ward off outbreak of any epidemic.