KARACHI  – A national policy should be drafted for use of Thar coal as it could be used one of the main sources of energy for the country.

A recommendation to this effect was made at the Multi-Topic Symposium organised at a hotel here Monday under the auspices of the Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Pakistan (IEEEP), Karachi Chapter.

The organisers said that another resolution adopted at the moot said that an IEEEP Committee should be formed to analyse the causes of blackouts and load shedding. IEEEP, as an engineering body, should take the responsibility of getting its committee recommendations implemented.  Yet another resolution said that the electrical energy conservation measures should be rigorously applied and energy audits should be carried out to improve energy efficiency of power systems. Effective Quality Control measures to be implemented to reduce noise pollution generated by the electrical systems.

Technical institutions/universities should set up faculties for teaching/training of renewable and alternative energy and related subjects. The federal and provincial governments should provide research and development funding to the universities and technical institutions for the commercialisation of renewable and alternative energy technologies, the symposium recommendations said.

Meanwhile, Khusro Subzwari, a self-taught artist, announced that paintings exhibition titled “Enlightenment of Soul” by internationally known artist Khusro Subzwari will be held at Fine Art Pakistan (FAP) gallery here on March 28.

Khusro Subzwari, a master’s degree holder in Civil Engineering, has been painting since 1972 when he was still in school. His background in engineering proved to be an asset in understanding and developing textures and the three dimensional perspectives of images on a canvas. His current work is based on five themes: sufism, exotic trees and gardens, the beauty and colours of nature, peacocks and Venice. Subzwari has exhibited his work in Turkey and was declared the Artist of the Week at the Abu Dhabi Art Hub in October 2011. FAP Gallery has played a vital role to bring forward the zeal of artists all over Pakistan.