Former President and Chief of the Army Staff Pervez Musharraf has ended his self-exile and finally returned to Pakistan from Dubai to Karachi. Earlier he postponed his coming back several times after having announced the dates, on one pretext or the other. His return at a time when elections are due to take place soon has raised many an eyebrow. There are two major criminal cases against him already in court including the alleged murders of Baloch leader Akhbar Bugti and Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. The PML-N has been consistently demanding his trial under article 6 of the constitution for high treason for overthrowing an elected government and imposing Martial Law. Before coming back home, he secured interim bails from the Sindh High Court for 10 days. The general perception is that he would ultimately be contesting election with the support of the MQM. He was to address a public rally in Karachi soon after his arrival but it was cancelled for security reasons.

The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan and Baloch Liberation Army have threatened to kill Musharraf. Yet, the former commando dared return to face the consequences. His faction, All Pakistan Muslim League, is virtually non-existent though a few hundred people gathered outside the Karachi airport to receive him. In his short speech, he made the tall promise of ridding the country of terrorism and economic malaise without unveiling any plans. Musharraf stands in the line of fire.