MULTAN - WWF in collaboration with Islamia University Bahawalpur and Pakistan US Alumni Network organised a simple candle lightning ceremony at Ghotvi Hall to observe earth hour.

District Coordination Officer Dr Naeem Rauf has declared the Bahawalpur as Earth Hour district to show the commitment of the government for the cause of energy conservation and climate change.

The Earth Hour was observed in connection with a call given by environmentalists urging the masses to observe the Earth Hour by switching all unnecessary lights for an hour.

DCO Dr Naeem Rauf said the world needed to switch over to alternate energy to reduce carbon emissions as use of fossil fuels had severely degraded the environment.

He added that the attitude to save the environment was very important and that with the help of the media and corporate sector the masses could be stimulated for a better future. He also announced the formation of a committee “Friends of Environment”. Whose members would be from different walks of life like, district Govt. WWF, Education department of Islamia University, Civil society and NGOs.

IUB Vice Chancellor Dr Mukhtar Ahmad, Dr Aslam Adeeb, Imran Asad, Senior Program Manager WWF and civil society activist Arshia Khurshid also spoke on the occasion.