KHYBER AGENCY - In the first three months of 2014, some 112 officials in each education and health departments across the tribal belt were found absent from their official duties, an official of the Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Department, FATA Secretariat, revealed this after carrying out several visits of the area. 

Sharing details, the official said that the departments had reported and forwarded the details of absentees, functional closed schools and health institutions of tribal areas. "No action was taken against those officials who were found absent from their official duties except two of them," he revealed.

He further informed that 38 schoolteachers were found absent from their official duties in Orakzai Agency, 32 in FR D.I.Khan, 18 in Bajaur Agency, 17 in FR Bannu, 04 in Kurrum Agency and 03 teachers in FR Lakki respectively. He said that nine government education institutions were not functioning in the tribal belt.

Furthermore, he said that 42 employees of health institutions were found absent from their duties in Mohmand Agency, 41 in Orakzai Agency, 11 in FR D.I.Khan, 10 in FR Bannu respectively. He said that the officials of Education Directorate, FATA only have taken action against only one teacher in Orakzai Agency by deducting his salary.

He said that the Health Directorate, FATA withheld salary of one health employee out of 112 which is a matter of great concern.

He said that the tribesmen are concerned about the negligence of health and education directorates FATA for giving free hand to the officials of education and health and demanded immediate action against the absent officials.

Former MNA from Bajaur Agency and PPP Leader  Akhunzada Chattan, while sharing his observation on the issue, said that millions of rupees biddings were being made in the FATA Secretariat for posting of bureaucrats, therefore, these officers will mint money from one way or another rather than to serve the tribal people.

From top to bottom, he said the officials of FATA Secretariat are involved in corruption and cannot take action against the teachers and health staff who instead of executing their officials duties execute their private businesses in other cities or abroad.