PESHAWAR - Taliban committee member Prof Muhammad Ibrahim Khan has said that the scheduled meeting that has to take place on Tuesday between the government committee and TTP Shura has been postponed just because of bad weather conditions.

He said weather conditions were not suitable for travelling to Waziristan Agency and resultantly the meeting was cancelled.

Talking to media persons here at Almarkazi Islami Ibrahim said there was the possibility that the committee members may move to the already decided place for having a meeting today (Wednesday), if weather conditions turned normal.

“I was even ready to go by road for the scheduled meeting. However, it was hard enough for some senior members to travel by road,” he added.

Replying to a query, he said they have talked about the release of vice chancellor Islamia College University Ajmal Khan but the Taliban have not responded yet.

“As talk process goes ahead, we will also talk about the release of former prime minister Yousaf Raza Gilan’s son and late governor Punjab Salmaan Taseer’s son,” he added. He said that it would be a big achievement, if exchange of non-combatant prisoners agreed. “In my view, Taliban are waiting for a positive signal from the government side in this regard,” he added.

Ibrahim said peace was the utmost need of the country and only the agenda of talks between the government and Taliban can restore it. He said the imposition of Sharia in the country is not on the agenda.

Meanwhile, it has also been learnt that there is a possibility to make extension in the one-month ceasefire between the government and Taliban. The much-anticipated direct talks would be attended by all four members of the government’s negotiating committee while the TTP Shura would be represented by Qari Shakeel, Maulana Azam Tariq, Maulana Zakir and Maulana Bashir.