The recent Russian unilateral military action in the Ukraine to capture its Crimea province is extremely deplorable. UN Charterer strictly prohibits its members from using such force against the territorial integrity and political independence of other states. Instead of the principle of non-intervention, the major powers in the world often prefer adhering to the concept of unilateralism while pursuing their national interests internationally. One glaring example of this tendency is the recent US extensive maneuvering and planning to invade Syria to topple the Assad regime. Likewise, the drone strikes conducted by US in Pakistan and elsewhere in the world are also another evidence of the US unilateralism.

At present, the US and UK are the chief critics of the ongoing Russian interference in the Ukraine. In this context, British foreign minister William Hague and US foreign secretary have visited Kiev to show solidarity with the people and government of Ukraine. Ironically, both these countries have blatantly disregarded the international law, the UN Charter and international public opinion while employing almost similar tactics to invade Iraq in 2003 to dismantle Saddam regime. Therefore, before calling the kettle black, a pot should also be a bit observant and self-cognizant. Now the multilateral institutions like the UN should be strengthened to ensure international fair-play and a world order based on the principle of mutual respect and sovereign equality of all its members.


Lahore, March 14.