LAHORE: AIba International School Township organised Road Safety Awareness Day which was conducted by City Traffic Police Education Wing wardens Ghayur Ali Khan and Khalid Mehmood.

The awareness day was attended by School director Memoona Rizvi, parents, guests, school staff and students. Traffic wardens taught children basic traffic symbols through an informative slideshow which was followed by activities arranged in the school courtyard. The courtyard was changed into a road with zebra crossings, traffic lights and other road symbols. Children became drivers and pedestrians on the road and traffic wardens fined them for different violations like the use of cell phone while driving, not stopping on red signal and parking vehicles on the stop line before the zebra crossing. The children also learned the meaning of traffic lights, zebra crossings and use of footpaths.

In the end the children thanked the traffic wardens for helping learn basic traffic rules, sign language and responsible road behavior as drivers and pedestrians.

Memoona Rizvi, in her note of thanks to CTO Sohail Chaudhry, appreciated the dedicated effort of the traffic wardens, Education Wing of City Traffic Police, Lahore. She said traffic awareness and road safety should be created in school children to make them responsible citizens of Pakistan.