KARACHI - The success of peace talks between the government and the Taliban is linked with the independent foreign policy .

Addressing ‘Meet The Press’ programme at Karachi Press Club here on Tuesday, Jamaat-e-Islami chief Munawar Hassan said the government should re-visit its foreign policy .

KPC president Imtiaz Khan Faran, KPC general secretary Aamir Latif, vice president Saeed Sarbazi, joint secretary Shams Keerio and members of KPC governing body welcomed the JI chief at ‘Meet The Press’.

Addressing the media, Munawar asserted that the government, Pakistan Army and most probably the Taliban were on the same page which is definitely a good sign for country’s future.

He said the main issue of Pakistan was the growing threats of terrorism particularly in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan. Government should take all the stakeholders of KPK and Balochistan for tackling the rising threats of terrorism.

Munawar reiterated that the discussion was the only way for restoration of lasting peace in the country. The recent examples in this regard can be quoted between the Sri Lankan government and Tamil Tigers, between the British government and the Irish Army and the peaceful struggle of Nelson Mandela.

“Military operation is tantamount to pushing the future of the country into darkness as history is evident that such operations had produced devastating consequences on the country,” he added.

Citing the example of military action in Balochistan, he alleged the fifth military operation was continued in Balochistan. He further said 60 percent of the total Army of the world, including the US Army and Nato forces are facing defeat in Afghanistan. The JI has a firm belief that western world wants to push the Islamic movements towards terrorism.

Munawar said the people had a right to ask PML-N government that making friendship with India was in the mandate of PML-N despite the fact that India has categorically stated that Pakistan was a terrorist country and involved in Mumbai bomb attacks.

“India is a self-sufficient country in terrorism as most of the terrorist outfits are working in India. The neighboring country wants to make Pakistan into a ‘desert’ by violating the water treaty,” he added.

To a query, he said the foreign aid in the shape of US$ 1.5billion reflected the failure of country’s economy.

Answering to another question, he termed the ongoing operation in Karachi ‘a cosmetic one’. The MQM cannot survive without government as it has a long charge-sheet of crimes against it, he said.

The JI chief said the feudal system had got strength in Sindh and former President Asif Zardari does not want to change the Sindh chief minister. Earlier, the KPC vice president and members of the governing body presented a bouquet and ‘Ajrak’ to the JI chief.


Jamaat-i- Islami Secretary General Liaquat Baloch has said that the present government wants to destroy the country’s agriculture and the farmers by opening trade with India.

Talking to a delegation of peasants at Mansoora on Tuesday, he said that trade with India would be poisonous for Pakistan’s economy and agriculture.

He announced that he would join the farmers sit-in at Wagha border on March 31 against free trade with India.

Baloch said that India had occupied Kashmir by force and was building dams and barrages on the Pakistani rivers unlawfully with a view to convert this country into a desert.

On the other hand, the rulers in Islamabad were keen to accord MFN status to India which is the path of destruction, he said.

He said India alone would be the beneficiary of open trade with Pakistan because of different factors, especially the huge subsidy Indian government was giving to its growers on different items.