The computerization of land record has jolted the ‘millionaire’ patwaries of the Revenue Department and the situation has ‘apparently’ made it difficult for them, unlike the past, to earn huge money to cater to their lavish life style, causing widespread frustration among the ‘mighty’ patwaris.

As per details, a faction of patwaris gathered under the umbrella of their association and observed protest against the computerization of land record. Speaking on the occasion, some of them feared that the completion of land record computerization would reduce their role merely to revenue collectors in future.

Meanwhile, the masses lauded the launching of Land Record Management Information System by the Punjab Chief Minister and declared that the system would bring an end to the public exploitation at the hands of patwaris. They hoped and the land record computerisation would help to eradicate corruption and fraud in the land and property affairs such as transfer of ownership and issuance of ownership deed (Fard).  According to sources, work of land computerization is briskly underway and 80 out of total 204 patwar circles across the district have been completed.