MUMBAI-Collins Obuya is a relieved man now. Kenya's 33-year-old captain has been following the on-going ICC World Twenty20 games in Bangladesh. On Monday he immediately agreed to speak on Netherlands vs Sri Lanka game where the Dutch players registered the lowest ever Twenty20 total of 39 runs. The previous lowest was Obuya-led Kenya team's 56 against Afghanistan in Sharjah in 2013.

"I have been watching all the matches. To some extent we are happy that we no longer hold this undesired record", he said. "Well, we kept going giving out best but when Afghanistan forced us to that total we were broken and hoped that we will move there. Netherlands were out of depth in this match. We have not hoped the team during qualifiers. But I can assure you they will fight back".

Tom Cooper, who scored 45 runs in 15 balls (6 sixes, 1 four) against Ireland last week could make only 8 runs before being run out against Sri Lanka. The team will play its next match against South Africa on Thursday. "Now it is a relief that we don't hold a negative record. And we hope when we play again we will go for some good record", Obuya signed off.