ISLAMABAD- In order to instil morality, a senior professor of Islamabad model postgraduate college thrashed an M.Sc student over indecent cloths and threatened with dire consequences if he spoke against him.

A third year M.Sc student Sajjad Ullah Baig, was on the way to his class in Islamabad Model postgraduate college H-8 when the professor stopped him from wearing informal clothes. The student apologized but the professor got furious and started beating the student that led to some injuries on his face. Later the student informed the principle of the college and requested the Director General, Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) who directed inquiring into the matter. One of the inquiry members, favoured the professor while forcefully recording the student’s statement during a probe pro-professor as Sajjad Ullah Biag was threatened with dire consequences to be removed from the college.