It is said that ‘well begun is half done’, Pakistan verses India match was a nightmare for Pakistani nation. I was watching the match in my university canteen and heard many students crib about the bad performance given by the team. Being a very emotional nation, where cricket is concerned, especially playing against India, I was very upset to hear the comments.

They kept coming up with harsh judgments against them and someone said we had lost the tournament and many people were criticizing Afridi and Kamran Akmal. I thought that the same students had been lauding Afridi a few weeks back when he had played two sixes and had won the match for us against India and Bangladesh. It’s our bad luck and India’s good performance that made them win. No matter we have lost the first match but there’s a lot to go and I would reply to all of those who are sitting and just criticizing.

Our team needs our support and we need to be strong in our faith and know that they will give their best performance. Let’s pray for our team and wish them great victory in the upcoming matches and not to worry about the one’s they have lost. Loosing and winning are both parts of sports and we need to understand this and be supporting even when they lose. We as a nation have to change our attitude and we will see the world change around us.


Islamabad, March 21.