Religious extremism is becoming an evil in our society. The terrorist organizations are awakening intolerance and violence in the minds of people in the name of religious extremism . Islam is the religion of faith, peace, unity, love and truthfulness. Holy places like Madrasas and Mosques have been used especially for the mind destruction of people. Different social problems are also becoming the source of motivating people towards this iniquitous act. Injustice, intolerance, poverty, unemployment and poor governance are providing path to the common people, so that they can divert themselves towards religious extremism . People call Pakistan the home for religious extremism in the western world. Sectarian violence is also giving rise to religious extremism . The homes of Shias and Sunnis are drowning in the darkness due to religious extremism .

Young people are confused that what religion they have to follow and what to not? Being a good citizen, everyone should work on individual basis and try his level best to eradicate this evil from our beloved nation. Elimination of terrorism from our country will clear our image in the world.


Rawalpindi, February 26.