KARACHI  -  A new learning initiative, Badal Do, was launched by a consortium of seven organisations at the Karachi Arts Council on Saturday.  

The initiative will engage hundreds of schools through their teachers from a cross section of the society and equip them with tools for inclusive learning.  

In a presentation on the initiative, the Badal Do team paid a tribute to luminaries like Late Prof Anita Ghulam Ali, Dr Akhtar Hameed Khan, Dr Hamida Khuhro, Dina Mistry, Bishop Lobo, Sister Mary Emily, Gool Minwalla, Fatima Surriya Bajiya, Professor Karrar Hussain and others and explained that the initiative drew inspiration from these towering personalities.  Badal Do aims to take their vision and mission forward by piloting this initiative to foster plurality, inclusion, peace and tolerance in the society, and a good civic sense.  The launch was attended by hundreds of schoolteachers who will act as change makers by taking the benefits to at least 10,000 students during the year-long programme. The consortium partners answered questions about how they would use experiential learning, interactive teaching methods with a mix of teacher training modules, creative approaches, collaborative spaces and the medium of theatre, arts and music to engage the teachers.  At the launch, Shallum Xavier, Khurram Iqbal and Alicia Dias performed the Badal Do anthem and theatre group ZAHRSSS presented a motivational play.   

 The seven partners of Badal Do are AzCorp Entertainment, Society for International Education (SIE), Pak-American Cultural Centre (PACC), Teachers’ Resource Centre (TRC), Children’s Museum for Peace and Human Rights (CMPHR), the School of Writing (TSW), and Mind Map Communications (MMC).