LAHORE - Contemporary miniature artists Imran Qureshi and Aisha Khalid gave a guided tour to guests at Shahi Hammam as part of the Lahore Biennale on Sunday.

Both artists highlighted the importance of arts and culture in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Qureshi said, “I had an amazing experience working at Shahi Hammam and Lahore Fort. I have displayed paintings in an unconventional way because when you do site specific work, the place really matters. We had multiple meetings with the artists and also architects were involved to see which work is best suited for a particular location. My paintings are displayed in the form of a cluster using colour red and gold. Red colour is used as blood and the idea is taken from the blood bath in Shahi Hammam. Events like these highlights contemporary arts in our society and the Punjab government should be praised for this initiative."

Aisha Khalid’s work highlighted the importance of restoring Lahore to its original form. Her work displayed an orange strip, which indicates new development in the city.

Talking about her work of art, Aisha stated, "When I was allocated this place, the first thing that rang a bell was that my city is evolving quickly. Over the most recent ten years, it has changed so much that we can't see its unique shape. There are a great deal of scaffolds worked in the city, Orange Line is going to begin, new advancements are being made. This is valuable to the general population at various levels, however, as an artist, I see the city from various points. For me, this change is somewhat agonizing in one way or the other."

Aisha has set up a mirror on the main dome in Shahi Hammam and entire impression of the building can be found in it. An orange colour strip is glued on the mirror, which portrays new improvements in the city.