“Let’s face it: WikiLeaks exists because the mainstream media haven’t done their job.”

–Jesse Ventura

Are whistle blowers patriots or enemies to the state or the nation? Have they done a disservice for the mass population in the process of going to the state? Wikileaks is the quintessence of this debate. Its been 10 years that the second large wave of classified documents was leaked by Chelsea Manning. These pertained to the Iran-Iraq War, Iraq War and other foreign interests of the United States Military. In the contemporary time, with the digitization of the bureaucracy taking place, we must reignite this debate in Pakistan. Where will Pakistan stand? Breaking it down: Where will the government stand? Where will the people stand? The dichotomy of the position of the people and the government needs to be explored. Do the people let their freedoms be gone in the name of protection? Or can people protect themselves in these digitised asymmetric times? These are the questions that must be discoursed in Pakistan, in the years to come – before technological maturity is reached.