Please oblige me by allowing some space for my letter in the columns of your newspaper. Pakistan railway is an important department and is vital for our economy. However, it faces many issues. Recently, my father travelled in Karachi express from Karachi to Lahore. When he entered his coach, there were no curtains and no charging point, while bathrooms were dirty.

I suggest the railways should have overhead bridges at all stations to facilitate travellers. Trains and platforms should be at the same level. At the moment, stations platforms are lower than foot boards. We should also have clean and green environment at & around stations. Moreover, we should purchase engines which run on solar energy; for example, China has launched solar energy railway tracks. There should also be an emergency clinic & a doctor in every train. The booking system should also be made easier, for present online booking system is not much effective as it shows almost all train seats booked all the time. Surprisingly, at reservation offices the same seats are available.

The authorities should also ensure security of passengers & officials, since information offices are unable to provide correct information about the arrival and departure of trains. There should thus be an effective tracking system. The railway authorities should look into these issues and consider the above suggestions for improving railway.


Karachi, March 10.