ISLAMABAD  : Theatre Wallay will present comedy play “Aao Hansein” featuring comedies by popular writer, playwright and author Saadat Hasan Manto here on March 30 to entertain the fun lovers of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad with quality theatre content.

With its tradition to bring exciting and unusual stuff for fun lovers of federal capital, Theatre wallay is presenting its latest play in an evening of laughter as 3 of Manto’s plays will be dramatised, originally written for the radio: “Ao Kahani Likhein”, “Ao Khoj lagaein” and “Ao Taash Khelein.”

Manto is known for his writings about dark and unbearable truths of life. However, few people know that Manto wrote many comic plays for radio. Theatre Wallay has turned three of his short radio plays into a theatre production, and will stage them on March 30, said the organisers.

Theatre Wallay is a non-commercial group of artists with a passion for theatre and literature. Active in Islamabad since 2005, Theatre Wallay has put up many performances of plays hailing from world literature. The group is also involved in ‘Theatre for Social Change’ projects and works to promote the use of creative expression as a tool for empowerment and critical dialogue.

The group conducts regular workshops, readings, trainings and other activities in partnership with local and international organizations. It also conduct theatre education programs and workshops with students of all ages serving as not-for-profit cultural space and community centre.

The stage show aims at bringing quality event for entertainment and discourse to the twin cities.