It is now a standard practice all over the world to find scapegoats for failures within. Even, the United States (US) is not immune to this when introspection is dearly needed. As soon as Donald Trump became the 45th US president, Russo-phobic hysteria reached new heights in the political corridors of the US. Democrats quickly jumped to the conclusion alleging that Russia was responsible for Trump’s unexpected success in the presidential elections. However, with the release of the Mueller Report’s summary, the Republicans and Trump can find some respite as the report clears Trump of conspiring with Russia to win the 2016 presidential elections.

Trump team will try to reap all benefits from the findings of the report in the 2020 presidential elections. While Trump’s first two years were clouded by the allegations of his possible complicity with Russia to win elections, the post-Mueller days will be hard for Democrats for Trump’s team will spare no moment to name and shame the liberals. Many political pundits already see the re-election of Trump for his second term as a possibility now that the report has exonerated him.

Nevertheless, the Democrats are still in a state of denial as is evident from the joint statement of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and their Senate Leader Chuck Schumer reads that Mr Barr’s letter “raises as many questions as it answers.” Their demand for access to the full report will be nothing but a waste of time. Any prudent mind in the ranks of Democrats would suggest the party to move forward. It will be better for Democrats to counter the toxicity that Trump’s electoral campaign created in American society against minorities by finding sustainable solutions to political and economic issues that the US is suffering from.

Furthermore, the Democrats need to reach a consensus on a nominee who is acceptable to the Democrats as well as the voters who in 2016 election were divided between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. It will be easier for a fresh face carrying no past baggage to defeat Trump and overturn his disastrous policies that created havoc within and without. While it is true that the party has taken more liberal positions on issues like civil rights and immigration, there is no candidate within its ranks enjoying the approval and acceptance of people.

Cutting a long story short, the Democrats need to stop attempts to discredit Trump on conspiring with Russia; instead what they should ideally do is to expand the party’s share of the electorate. The Democrats need to set their eyes on 2020 elections with focusing on real issues that people are facing.