ISLAMABAD - Chairman National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) gave a briefing on Wednesday, to Parliament members about the future plans and delivery of equipments from abroad to control the coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan.

Lt General Muhammad Afzal, chairman NDMA, highlighted the efforts and measures taken by (NDMA) to mitigate the risks of the spread of coronavirus outbreak in Pakistan.

According to a press release by NDMA, Lt Gen Muhammad Afzal apprised the parliamentarians of the future plans and measures that were to be taken in the coming days to further ensure the safety and protection of the people.

In addition, the chairman informed the parliamentarians about the arrival of protective equipments from abroad in order to keep the equipment supply steady across Pakistan.

A plane from China arrived in Karachi bringing one million face masks which include face mask N-95 as well  and fifty thousand kits were also delivered, he said. Lately, the Rawalpindi railway station was also sprayed with the rest of areas where crowds are expected as a measure to prevent the chances of coronavirus outbreak, he added.

As a step towards controlling the corona epidemic in Pakistan, National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)- with the help of Army and the government- has also managed to provide all the hospitals with safety equipments to mitigate the transmission of virus to the doctors.

Talking with TheNation, Idrees Masud NDMA’s member of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) stated that to provide adequate supply of protective equipment to all the hospitals as well as the chemist stores and markets was the top priority so that the people could receive a steady supply.

Elaborating the task, the official briefed that they were focused on maintaining the supply chain of the needed products or equipments to the hospitals and the doctors.Hhe said that as the doctors were fighting on the frontline, it was are very important to ensure the safety of doctors.

He said that equipment like N-95 Mask, protective body suit, sanitizers and  medicines were to be given to every hospital for the members of their staff and doctors.