PESHAWAR - People from all walk of life here Wednes­day highly lauded the Prime Minister’s Relief Package worth Rs1000 billion that would Immensely help provide the much-needed assis­tance to masses in the wake of Corona virus cases in the country.

They said the mul­tiple sectoral mega relief package would help provide assis­tance to people of all walks of life including motorists, laborers, farmers, employees, agriculturists, elec­tricity consumers, buyers and general public.

Mohibullah Khan, Minister for Agricul­ture, Livestock and Dairy Devolopment has welcomed the PM package and termed it inclusive and wide-ranging.

He said the agricul­ture package worth Rs100 billion along with promotion of small and medium industries would im­mensly help the farm­ers, agriculture grow­ers and livestock sectors in the country.

Former Information Officer, Misal Khan has highly welcomed the package and termed it a leap step forward to provide relief to people in the present Corona crises.

He said Rs3000 per month package to poor families would help provide relief to labor­ers, daily wages and low income groups of the society.

He said allocation of Rs200billion for laborers and Rs150 billion for provi­sion of Rs3000 per month assistance to extremely poorer for four months was a positive step in the right direction.

He also appreciated the decision of taking electricity bills in three installments from poor consumers and termed it an important step to provide relief to poor segment of the society.

Economists expert, Sumbul Riaz has also welcomed the PM package and alloca­tion of Rs50 billion for utility stores that would help control price hike and infla­tion besides provide essential commodities on affordable prices.

She said Rs 280 bil­lion allocation would help ensure wheat flour to people be­sides providing relief to farmers.

She said medical workers were playing significant role in pres­ent Corona Crises and allocation of Rs 50bil­lion for purchase of equipment would help them in provision of medical treatment to patients with ease.

Tribesman Asghar Afridi, Malik Irfan, journalist Shafiq Khan and others have wel­comed reductions in petrol and diesel prices by Rs15 per liter that would help provide re­lief to common man.