ISLAMABAD                   -             For many of us, our fitness regimes are an important part of our daily or weekly routines. They keep us healthy, energized; reduce stress levels and all those endorphins that are released help to improve our mood. So it’s no surprise the prospect of not being able to get to the gym, or to our usual fitness studio, is adding to an already stressful situation.

We’re looking for alternative ways to keep on track with our workouts, stay in shape and take care of our mental health, all from inside our homes. And thanks to the revolutionary app, TV.FIT, we can do just that. This brilliant global platform gives subscribers access to over 100 hours of diverse online classes created by leading international experts, with new content added every month. From bootcamp to yoga and HIIT to strength training, you’re sure to find the combination of exercises that work best for you. There’s even exclusive mental health focused content, so you can invest in your psychological wellbeing too.