MARDAN - President of Young Doctors Associa­tion (YDA) Mardan chapter, Dr. Zia-ur-Rehman on Wednesday said that the numbers of coronavirus positive cases in the city has in­creased to 45 while they have no proper facilities to handle the sit­uation.

“We have no logistic support and other requirements for this out­break”, he said in a video message on social media.

Dr.Zia added that so far 6 cases of coronavirus are tested positive. He said that the numbers of positive cases of coronavirus have in­creased to 45 while 300 suspicious cases are in process in the district.

He added that if this outbreak continued with this speed in the dis­trict, it will be difficult to control. He added that logistic support, per­sonal protective equipment and other equipments aren’t enough to control the situation.