KARACHI - A massive ocean current overturned two fishing boats packed with 15 fishermen at Ibrahim Hydery Point but the local fishermen rescued all of them on Sunday. According to details, the fishermen were sailing in two boats and were busy in fishing when suddenly a high wave overturned their boats and all of them were drowned, but the local fishermen rescued them. One of the fishermen namely Sultan, 25, has admitted to hospital in very critical condition. Giving details about the incident, Kamal Shah, representative of Pakistan Fishermen folk Forum (PFF), told The Nation that the incident took place three miles away from Ibrahim Hydery. He said that the fishermen were busy in fishing when a high wave shake their boats and overturned them which result the fishermen fell into the water. None of the government's concern department had involved in the rescue works and all of the rescue work had carried out by the local fishermen. He said that Sultan's right hand was stuck in the engine of the boat and broken, he was rushed to the nearby hospital where he was referred to Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Central (JPMC) for medical treatment. He is in critical condition. Shah said: "All the fishermen are the residents of Ibrahim Hydry and have associated with this profession since long but the government had failed to provide them with the basic facilities. There is no security for them and no rescue work is being provided to save their lives in any emergency."