Hue out cry in the society over the unfortunate burning of two alleged robbers by an angry crowd in Karachi recently was mere sharp and angry reaction to an appalling incident. The gory episode which resulted due to a daylight robbery in a flat located in the congested locality of Ranchore Line was severely criticised by all and sundry. In a society where tolerance level is fast diminishing due to a number of factors and particularly the rising unbearable cost of living is causing frustration amongst financially less privileged in the society. The entire unfortunate incidents received undue attention because a number of TV cable channels preferred to sensationalise the event and used video clips of the charred bodies of the victims. Mere one time reporting would have been sufficed to highlight the event. But repeating the visual scenes at every top of the hour news bulletin triggered a bitter and heated debate both in the media and in the society. The desperate element in the street justified the mob justice arguing that there is no other way than to handout instant justice to the perpetrators of heinous crime. But the saner elements condemned and argued handing over the authority to an enraged mob to do justice would only plunge the society into a catastrophe where anarchy would rule and the rule of law and justice would be thrown into the gutter. It is difficult to single out one single factor as the cause of the incident. It was just the instant anger with no restraining saner voice in the mob that caused the gruesome and inhumane act. But if discussed from various angles, one could reach the conclusion that snail pace process of justice, overburdened police force dominated by a few corrupt elements, tribal justice system prevalent in some areas the country and lack of trust of the judicial system were some of the factors that forced the unconscious mind of an enraged mob to indulge in an act which is prohibited both by the God and the man made laws. None other than William Shakespeare had written about the mob mentality in his famous drama Julius Caesar how Mark Antony is his funeral speech played with mobs emotions in order to whip them into a frenzy of rage.   The crowd that caught hold of the robbers as soon as the victims raised hue and cry had to react immediately and in the fit of mob anger they found no alternate than to beat them near death. Some one in the crowd who might have seen or undergone the sufferings of facing a similar personal experience lost his sanity and resorted to an act which otherwise under normal circumstance he would have just avoided and handed over the culprits to the police. The mob was aware that handing over culprits to the police would create problems for them and the police instead of booking the robbers would start questioning and even harassing any body on whom they can lay their hands on. It is known to all and sundry that criminals arrested by or handed over to the police manage to evade justice, either by buying their way out at the police station or by profiting from shoddy investigation that result in legal reprieve. Police stations in Karachi have turned into safe heaven of criminals where they shared booty with the police officials and in a quid pro quo, the police provide them shelter. For a robber who snatched 30 cell phones will have to give 10 to the police to save his hide. The evil nexus between police and the legal fraternity dealing with cases in the lower courts also shattered the confidence of masses in the legal system. Sorry to say graft is not unknown among members of the lower judiciary. Heavy rush in lower courts showed that how the aggrieved people running from pillar to post to get justice even in minor cases. On the contrary hardened criminals involved in murders and kidnapping for ransom and even those allegedly involved in suicide bombing were released due to lack of evidence, what to talk about street criminal and robbers. Getting justice from the courts especially from lower courts has become a Herculean task for poor, as pursuing advocate is most difficult thing in the courts. It is said that those who can pursue their advocates can get justice. The working at lower courts have come to a grinding halt, as legal fraternity was busy in taking out rallies and demonstrations for the restoration of Chief Justice and judiciary, as result of which both the plaintiff and defendant suffering insufferable. The state of affairs is not an overnight phenomenon. A perception has developed among the frustrated people that the robbers/ criminals deserved the punishment they got and that the police would have set them free.   The lack in the process of justice, which the mob knew, would be too slow was one of the factors that led them to act in a beastly manner. It is high time for the government to rise to the occasion and take cognisance of the situation and bring about reforms in the judicial system and the old police system as mere cosmetic changes would not work.    The political forces, intelligentsia and the society should also perform their due role, other wise the entire system today is a tinderbox baking under a particularly hot sun and the smallest of sparks can trigger an inferno witnessed recently in Ranchore Line.