LAHORE Communion to The Creator - Allah Almighty through frequent remembrance with sincerity and devotion  must be the priority of the believers and this is only panacea for social and spiritual salvation of human being in life and hereinafter. This was stated by eminent scholar and author of dozens of books Prof Ahmad Rafique Akhtar at a special lecture delivered by him at Aiwan-e-Iqbal on Sunday evening. A large number of scholars, religious personalities and elite attended the lecture The marathon lecture was followed by lengthy question answer session. Prof. Rafique Askhtar said that the religion facilitate the journey towards God Almighty which is ultimate objective of the human being. The sharia is the minimum means to travel on the journey while the "tareeqat" comprehension of God is the basic pillar on which stands the human goal. This is the true foundation on which the domb of religion stands. He said sharia is intention to the need and unless it changes to the need, the practices lapse the direction. The Islamic sharia was complete in the religion of Islam which is also endowed by the Sunnah of holy Prophet (PBUH), the guiding force of our belief. Prof Rafique Akhtar said the past civilizations ruined because they lacked priorities. They were trapped in a sense of differentiation and nacism= rather self centre and self pitied. They thought not only themselves but their doctrine as distinguished which did not believe on the supremacy of Allah. Similarly, he said the destiny of a number of Islamic movements elsewhere in the world including Pakistan was a total failure because their target was social-religio-political gain - rather working for governments instead of giving priority as to Allah. They divided and separated themselves in different colours and creeds and distinguished themselves from common people. As against them Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah succeeded in creation of Pakistan by popular support because he had strong faith on Allah and he considered himself accountable to Allah and his commitment to the duty assigned to him by the Nature. The religious leadership disgressed from this accountability, he added. As such God was not with them. The Quaid stood victorious with the popular support of people in the street and not by the support of elite and eminent ulema and their movements although these movement created uproar and awareness. But they failed because of priority mix-up. Prof. Akhtar said that nobody ever asked for God. The revolutions formed for other purposes and not for God  The exponents of the change wanted to change under their own psychological doctrines in a schizopherenic manner. They did not think what "I am doing for what and why?"      Prof., Rafique Akhtar said that the human thinking begins with desire for God and not desire for system This is sense of priority which is unfortunately lacking bitterly. The mankind was created on earth by God Almighty to bestow on him, a precious thing i.e. Wisdom", conscious and knowledge. At the same man was given option to obey Him or Not. On the basis of this wisdom, the man was held accountable and  man itself accepted this accountability. Apart from wisdom and knowledge, the other provisions of life were secondary and sensory. He said the salvation of man also lies in the correct answer of one question "Man Rabo Ka, Man Deenoka" The dilemma of today, that we are not looking for God while we need it and not merely the system. "We are giving lesser priority to the important and giving top priority to the lesser" We have been deviated from the true path. He asked why we  trapped in frustration inspite of performing all rituals of faith because we do not have personal relations with God Answering a questions, he said enlightened moderation of freedom of expression and thought in the West was launched by eminent scholars and intellectuals but in our country  perued by by mentally bankrupt  persons. He said the secularism emerged from the Christianity and Judaism who did not find any data of God on earth nor their books provided any. On the other hands, study of Quran reveals full data of Allah on earth. As such a believer cannot be a secular while a secular leads to aetheism. He said the version of Quran have proved true on scientific and scholastic inquiries viz a viz cosmo and universal evidences. He said the process of puritanism begins from the remembrance of Allah and ultimately the believer  is given reward that he is free from all vices, fears etc. To another question, he said dispensation with "riba", insurance etc and all other matters repugnant to Islam should be though an institutions i.e. Islamic state.