Pakistan is facing numeral constraints in the lane of     socio economic development energy crisis and food     crisis are significant hurdles. Although God be     stowed Pakistan the treasure of petroleum, natural     gas and coal, but due to conch allocation energy crisis crippled Pakistan's economy entirely. Just to relay on hydro power generation is the game of fools, as some legendary scientists predicted that in next 10year world has to face the water shortage also. No country of the world is proficient to execute her energy needs by one resource. How Pakistan's government or WAPDA can fulfill the electricity demand by hydro power generation as no control on water, dependant to India as India utilizes the 77 per cent to 80 per cent water of Indus river and 56 per cent to 59 percent water of Chanab river to realize her own needs (irrigation and hydro power generation). Diminutive number of dams is also a fretful matter. Numerous projects are tardy owing to provincialism the conspicuous illustration is Kala Bagh Dam. The pricey machinery amounted US $6 million is now functionless due to (corrosion) impediment in the construction of Kala Bagh Dam, WAPDA is just gratifying the country's energy need near to 41% the left over is satisfied by the substitute posh resources. The energy predicament created cost pull inflation in the country, as electricity is the key material for any production plant. There is a general observation of 8-10 hours load-shedding but from time to time it hits the intensity of 18 hours. This situation is afflictive for the industrial capital of Pakistan (Karachi). The business community of Karachi is suffering 100-150 million rupee/hour due to load shedding during peak hours. The miseries of load shedding are not restricted to business communities; educational institutions and common users have also suffered from it. During the lectures, research work and during the course of other academic activities load shedding cause unrecoverable scratch to the nation in terms of education. In such conditions where room temperature goes up to 38 centigrade how students can give proper attention to their lectures?  This situation of load shedding will become more drastic in June and July when 23 per cent to 29 per cent water of dams will evaporate due to intense sunbeams. Load shedding compels the Industrialists to use alternative resources (gasoline) in electric generators to carry out their energy requirements but the fuel (gasoline) prices in international market traverse the psychosomatic confines of US $127/beryl recently. The sky-scraping fuel prices and electricity created long-term cost pull inflation. We can't held WAPDA responsible for this every individual is answerable for this energy crisis. It will be the concealment of fact to say that WAPDA is not proficient to gratify the country's electricity requisites; WAPDA is proficient to fulfill the electricity demand subject to the resource (surplus water and dams). If government not be up to snuff to construct dams for the generation of electricity owed to Provincialism government should have to adopt alternative options to get done the energy rations of the country. The country where habitually resources are allocated to sprint industries electricity is the basic ingredient of production, short supply and soaring prices damaged the government's creditability for more than any militant attack in past. One month before a luminosity of optimism and endurance liberal the messes when President of Pakistan during the course of official visit of china discussed and signed an agreement to construct two nuclear power generation plants in Pakistan (Karachi) and two in China by mutual nuclear and technical expertise till 2030. China also showed her consent to recommence the Thar Coal Power Generation Project of 600 Mega watt which was left at mid by Chinese company Shenhua Group at Lakhra when it futile to negotiate power tariff with WAPDA in 2006. China also showed its eagerness to assist Pakistan in the construction of Bhasha Dam. That is positive advancement but before 2030 we have to defeat the present crisis personally and with in the country's resources. We have renowned scientists and research institutes, which can be employed to innovate new techniques to generate energy e.g. thermo power generation, Solar power generation, bio fuel, nuclear power generation, Wind power generation coal power generation and so on. That's not only the accountability of government we also have to play a positive role to salt away the energy. Just to criticize or make it hot topic should not be the endeavor of critics. It is a grave theme for the eternity of Pakistan. If we exaggerate this topic general public will got hectic and the civil commotion like Multan will become a common practice so I request to the intelligentsia to play its role for the consolation of this grieved Public. If we are loyal to Pakistan we have to play our role as individual. We all are hopeful for the vivid future of Pakistan.