The G8 environment ministers on Monday called for actions to maintain biological diversity. Recognizing the fundamental importance of biodiversity for human livelihoods, the eradication of poverty and achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, the ministers said that biological diversity constitutes the indispensable foundation of lives and of global economic development. In a proposal presented toward the end of the G8 environment ministers meeting, they encouraged the implement of the 10 Activities included in the "Potsdam Initiative-Biological Diversity 2010" and the provision of science-based information on biodiversity and ecosystem services to the public and policy-makers. The proposal, titled " Kobe Call for Action for Biodiversity", highlighted the advancement of sustainable forest management, including the conservation of forest biodiversity, by improving forest governance and by addressing illegal logging and related trade collectively and individually, as stated in the G8 Forest Experts Report on Illegal Logging and reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation in developing countries (RECC) .